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About Sid- some coaches are born


My name is Sid Leyva Jr, I was born in California and come from a family of 5. I played organized athletics, wrestled, football, and baseball.  I served in MARINE CORPS, and I have over 15 years of experience working as a Fitness Coach.  I specialize in movement which affects (aging, fascia, metabolism, weight-loss, strength, conditioning, balance, & coordination).   I also help people with creating sustainable habits that fit their lifestyle.  I do online coaching primarily, and I also do private 1 on 1 or group
sessions.  I am Nationally certified through Institution Of Motion, AMFPT out of Rochester New York, I also went through the Apex program which is a culmination or NASM, ACE, & ISSA.

Prior to becoming a Fitness Coach I became an advanced amateur weight lifter right out of the Marine Corps at the age of 23 years old. At the age of 23 I also broke the Hawaii State deadlift record that stood for 10 years and I had a chance to break the World record (800 lbs ) in the 242 lbs weight class division.  More importantly, drug free and didn’t use the help of steroids to accomplish this feat.

In addition, I have been established as an independent Fitness Coach in 4 different States, Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Nevada.  I managed 35 clients in each State and I have a proven formula that is effective along with a high retention rate.  I also pride myself in providing my clients with top notch customer service, and I “Always” get excited when you make results and change your health for the better.

I teach busy Moms & business women how they can meal prep, and workout so they can spend more time with their family, friends and enjoy the things they love most.

I am committed to helping Millions of women by helping them embrace a quality way of life through nutrition, exercise, and sustainable habits that will last a life time.  The process will be so undeniable and contagious that it will spread Nationally.

Lastly, if you are not afraid of hard work, learning, developing, and changing your life immediately then we might be a fit for one another.  You will be working with a Coach who is passionate and enjoys raising
the bar by way of setting an example for you to follow.  I recently took on cycling during the pandemic and in less than 4 months I was already doing over 50 mile bike rides.

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